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We invite you to explore the deepths & to expand your toolbox of movement, strength, mobility, flexibility, focus, control, balance, and grace in mind. Become Budokon, by uniting your inner warrior and inner yogi in order to both effect change and make peace with the unchangeable. Dive into the unknown, explore the vast sea of your thoughts, question your limiting beliefs, challenge your patterns and break free of the chains and feel free to discover your new self, new possibilities, new path, new journey. 


About BUDOKON Hamburg

Budokon Hamburg started with the greatest wish of our sister Sibille Quentin of attending a Budokon Yoga class in Hamburg. After some years of practice, dedication, and hard work later, she started teaching this beautiful artwork. Shortly after she met our sister Winnie Collins who also jumped in, into the Budokon Teacher training and her dream of teaching Budokon finally happened.

Cultivating Community & Empowering Everyone

“We joined our passion and love for this movement and the two of us, together with all our Budokon students represent Budokon Hamburg. We reflect on the true value and importance of community and human connection, nothing better than these moments to reflect on such principles. 

We offer an open and welcoming space for all, Budokoneros, Yogis & Movers to be part of our community and experience a life-changing practice. 

Together we elevate each other to the greatest version of ourselves.

For all of this, we bow to our teachers, friends, and founders of Budokon Kancho Cameron Shayne and Melayne Shayne.

Winnie & Bille

Learn more about Bille & Winnie's Budokon Journey Read the Interview with Yoga World

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