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About BUDOKON Hamburg

Budokon Hamburg started with the greatest wish of our sister Sibille Quentin of attending a Budokon Yoga class in Hamburg. After some years of practice, dedication, and hard work later, she started teaching this beautiful artwork. Shortly after she met our sister Winnie Collins who also jumped in, into the Budokon Teacher training and her dream of teaching Budokon finally happened.

Cultivating Community & Empowering Everyone

“We joined our passion and love for this movement and the two of us, together with all our Budokon students represent Budokon Hamburg. We reflect on the true value and importance of community and human connection, nothing better than these moments to reflect on such principle. 

We offer an open and welcoming space for all, Budokoneros & Yogis to be part of our community, and experience a life-changing practice. 

Together we elevate each other to the greatest version of ourselves.

For all of this, we bow to our teachers, friends, and founders of Budokon Kancho Cameron Shayne and Melayne Shayne.


Who we are?



Sibille's Budokon journey started back in 2015 when she first saw Melayne doing these incredibly powerful and graceful movements. She started practicing with the little material that was available on the internet during those times and by traveling around to attend every workshop she could find. Soon it became apparent that she wanted to explore more about this beautiful artwork.

She soon attended a 200h Teacher Training followed by the Budokon Yoga & Mobility Trainings at Budokon University in Miami. Soon after that she started teaching Budokon and found her passion in doing so. Since then the journey continues ..


Winnie’s Budokon journey started through an invitation to a Budokon Yoga Workshop, where she met her brothers Henry Neumann & Sibille Quentin back in 2018.

In 2019 she became a certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. That same year she took the second plunge and became a Budokon Yoga Teacher. Started teaching and took her third Teacher Training in Budokon Yoga and Mobility at Budokon University in Miami in early 2020.  She is now enjoying the full Budokon journey, sharing passion, strength, and love with those who are in search of it, building with lots of patience and deepest love the BUDOKON Hamburg Community.

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Timm started his journey in 2020 while attending Winnie's class in a studio in Hamburg. Became a regular practitioner to this day.


Timm completed his 200-hour teacher training in 2021. As for all, this was only the beginning. He deepened his knowledge with further training in Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Reiki. Learning every time the strength within him, through the connection of breath and asana, he has evolved into an even stronger practitioner. He decided to join Budokon Online Teacher Training on February 2022 and is now part of Budokon Hamburg.