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Thai Yoga Massage is a sacred dance, a meditation in movement for both the giver and the receiver. It is a transformative and healing journey, a deep experience of the way we move, interact, communicate, and the way we touch. The massage consists of passive stretching positions and movements derived from yoga, joint mobilization, and pressure point massages. In simple terms, it can therefore be summarised as a combination of passive yoga and acupressure.

The massage may go from static and deep, focusing on the importance of feeling, and then slightly shift into a dynamic and rhythmic style giving a chance to release and soften through movement. The combination of these two influences during the Thai Yoga Massage offers a holistic experience, as well as a sacred dance…

This wellness massage engages a state of meditation where deep stretches inspired by asanas are rhythmically applied along with pressure on the Sen-Sib energy lines of the body.  The ten main Sen-Sib energy lines, which run through the body as an energetic network, are worked on using gentle stretching and rhythmic pressure from the balls of the hands, thumbs, knees, elbows, and feet. Stretches, which are very similar to yoga asanas, help to release blockages caused by deposits, injuries, and tension in the body.

Benefits include increased range of motion in joints, relaxation of stressed muscles, reduced headache intensity, improved body flexibility, calming anxiety, improved circulation, easing sleep problems, and many more.

The massage is carried out wearing clothing (long, stretchy, and comfortable clothing, e.g. long sleeves/T-shirts and leggings/sweatpants) and on a mat on the floor.
A first appointment includes a short preliminary chat on-site, a full body massage, and a rest period.

Session roll with Winnie.

Sessions may take place at these Locations:

- TRIBE Yoga Base - Eimsbüttel

  Weidenstieg 17

Thursdays at 14:00

(75/90 Minute Sessions)

For appointments please click here.

Important: It is advisable not to eat anything too heavy 1-2 hours before our appointment so that the body is receptive to the work, and not to schedule any urgent and tightly timed appointments afterward so that the session can take effect in peace and you can feel the effects. The massage is performed clothed on a floor mat. Please bring comfortable long-legged trousers (leggings, tracksuit bottoms, etc.) and a T-shirt or long-sleeve for the massage. Both should have some stretch so that the body can move easily. You should always bring a top with you. Warm socks are also advisable.

General Terms & Conditions: Please cancel appointments up to 48 hours before the agreed appointment so that I can reschedule the appointment and no valuable practice time is lost. Cancellations I am informed of later must unfortunately be paid up to 24 hours in advance with a 25% processing fee, and within 24 hours with 100% of the treatment fee. A substitute can be provided at your own expense. Emergencies are excluded.  

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