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“The Budokon Yoga style was created as a conditioning practice for movers of all types seeking the highest level of agility, mobility, stamina, and strength”

The Budokon University of Mixed Movement Arts is a professional-level educational institute committed to the advancement of mind and movement arts and sciences. 


can be translated as “the way of the warrior’s spirit. In the center lies the physical, mental, and emotional development of each practitioner. Through its 6 pillars (movement, nutrition, emotions, thoughts, relationships, environment), Budokon successfully combines the key elements for well-being and a fulfilled life.


is a unique and modern combination of traditional Hatha Yoga and elements from Martial Arts, established by Kancho Cameron Shayne in 2001. Budokon itself is a whole concept of mixed movements which - besides Yoga and Martial Arts - incorporates Mobility, Animal Locomotion, Meditation, and Life Science. 

The foundation of this style is the Budokon Yoga Primary Series. This series consists of 7 intelligently assembled sections of slow and controlled movements designed to improve mobility, agility, flexibility, and strength. The techniques are learned through repetition and precision, the emphasis being on the transitions from posture to posture, rather than the holding of postures. The purpose of this class is to gain muscular strength, cardiovascular stamina, and joint mobility.  


Learn how to construct, deconstruct, progress, and regress quadrupedal movement patterns. Creative sequences of different movements, based on yoga, martial arts, animal locomotion, dance, and free-form movement. A big focus of this movement training is the mobility of your joints. This mobility enables you to prevent injuries and enable you to continue with your movement practice for decades.


Participants can expect a reviewed program incorporating Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Interval Training, and Mobility through the lens of the Budokon Mixed Movement Arts System. You might walk like an animal, hang out at a bar working towards your pull-ups and muscle-ups, or further developing your mobility. Depending on your current standpoint Henry caters to your programming, while also developing stamina, power, and speed.


BUDOKON is a philosophy with guiding universal principles, specifically that all mental activity (beliefs, thoughts, consciousness) is subjective and temporary.


Under this pillar of our system, we cover a broad range of topics including belief systems, perception, critical thinking, ego state, showing up, standing in truth, ethics, and values.


Build a process of thought-watching that allows you to identify emotion as a biochemical release. Change your perception of reality (your stories) by shifting your language, beliefs, and your personal stories.


Learn the power of food as medicine and poison. We study the effects of food on the physical and emotional body and how to determine which foods are right for our individual bodies. We also learn how to choose foods that are consistent with our ethics regarding content, packaging, and production methods.


Understand the value of maintaining the earth that we depend upon for our quality of life. We study ways to make practical shifts in our lives in order to reduce waste and consumer-driven habits. We empower ourselves with choices for our future sustainability as a species.


Develop skills to better communicate your needs and understand the needs of others. We study language and its effects on perception. We develop skills to be more tolerant and to contain our emotions until they are further processed and understood.

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