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Give your loved ones or yourself something special for Birthday,

Christmas, or any other special occasion!

You may opt for a Budokon Private Class

 or maybe a voucher for an Event or Budokon Workshop!

After payment we will send you your chosen Gift Card as PDF format to your Email, you may print it or just resend it to your special person.

All Gift Cards are valid for one year.

In case you do not have Paypal, please do not hesitate on contacting us.

Private Classes

Voucher for
Events or Workshops

BDK Gift Card Studio.png

At checkout just enter the value of the card:


 €  80,00      60 Minutes

 €  90,00      75 Minutes

 €110,00      90 Minutes

BDK Gift Card WS.png

At checkout please enter

€25 / €50  / €100:

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