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- Reconnect with your inner self thru Movement & Breath Work - Budokon Yoga/Yin Yoga/Arm Balance/Budokon Mobility
May 06, 7:30 AM GMT+2 – May 13, 11:30 AM GMT+2
La Serrania,
07460 Pollença, Balearic Islands, Spain

Budokon Yoga & Budokon Mobility as also Arm Balances are Winnie's passion.


Kriya, Pranayama, Meditation, as also Power Flows and Arm Balances run thru Noelles veins.


Yogaspace 60m2 studio area with oak flooring and incredible views of the mountains.

Multipurpose Studio

The recently added multipurpose studio is an independent structure with oak floors, infrared heating, a state of the art sound system and stunning mountain views.


Our large pool and deck area is secluded enough to offer you privacy from the main buildings.

Vegan food

Our cooking has a MEDITERRANEAN emphasis with MIDDLE EASTERN and some ASIAN influences. We offer VEGETARIAN, PESCATARIAN or VEGAN weeks, but we’ll happily add some chicken to the mix if desired. Whichever option is chosen, lots of VEGETABLES, freshly delivered every day, are a staple, complemented by produce from OUR OWN ORGANIC vegetable and herb GARDEN.


We are proud to have La Serrania uses local materials and craftsmen in building and decorating their bedding and towels are 100% linen and cotton, and we use only biodegradable cleaning products and detergents. They are continually striving to be plastic free.

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