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Mondays 18:15-19:30

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Rocket® Yoga is a fun and vigorous vinyasa flow, created by Larry Shultz, the Rocket system is a remix of the Astanga Primary and Intermediate Series, designed to make the practice accessible to all and ‘get you there faster’! Sweat out your worries and cares as you link movement and breath while strengthening your body. Awaken the nervous system and feed it the precious prana it craves while promoting a spirit of change and freedom while flowing with the music into a state of calm and clarity! Modifications will be offered throughout. Accessible to multiple levels of practitioners. Not recommended for complete beginners. Come Rocket!

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Cancellation Policy: *Classes may be cancelled 12 hrs before class start. If not cancelled during this period, a 100% cancellation fee will be charged, if paid with a BDK Card, it will be redeemed from it. If canceled 12 hours before class start, a refund of payment is not possible, therefore you'll receive a coupon for the next available class. *Outdoor BDK- classes are subject to change due to weather conditions. In case of class cancellation from BUDOKON Hamburg, you will receive a coupon for the next upcoming class or redeem your class to your card. *Private 1:1 sessions may be cancelled free of charge 24hrs before start. In case of a late cancellation 50% of the fee will be charged.

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