Budokon Yoga Primary Series

Budokon Yoga Primary Series

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Aug 27, 5:30 PM – 6:50 PM
Planten un Blomen, Spot in front of Cafe Seeterrassen, 20355 Hamburg, Germany


Join BUDOKON Hamburg and let’s unite our Yogi & Warrior in a strong Flow of the 7 Sections of the Budokon Yoga Primary Series.

Budokon Yoga is a modern yoga style that unites the ancient tradition of self-inquiry with modern mixed movement. Combining elements of Hatha Yoga, Mobility, Calisthenics, Animal Locomotion, and Meditation.

The Budokon Yoga Primary Series consists of 7 intelligently assembled sections of slow and controlled movements designed to improve mobility, agility, flexibility, and strength. The techniques are learned through repetition and precision, the emphasis being on the transitions from posture to posture, rather than the holding of postures.

Budokon Yoga Primary Series:

Section 1- Rolling Salutation - The Awakening

Section 2- Archer Series - Divided Mind

Section 3- Pride

Section 4- Dancing Dog - Unification

Section 5- Balance

Section 6- Animals - Remembering

Section 7- Death and Rebirth

The Series wakes up agility, coordination, body control, as well as strength, and inner and outer balance.

Previous knowledge of Budokon is helpful but not required. Yoga experience and the willingness to challenge yourself are recommended.

Afterwards, if you are in the mood of joining the community for refreshment and quality time, you are more than welcome to stay!

Meet you in Seiza!

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