Archer Series 108 with Bille & Winnie

Archer Series 108 with Bille & Winnie

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Feb 27, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM GMT+1
Online Event via Zoom


Do you want to experience a shift out of your comfort zone?

A challenge to the mind & body. 

Let's detach ourselves from the known, and dive into the unknown.

Let's open the container of possibilities, and join the BUDOKON Hamburg Crew in this amazing event.

We will be flowing through a mixed version of the Divided Mind-Archer Series:

 Section 2 (part a & b) of the Budokon Yoga Primary Series. 

  The Archer Series

' The warrior must battle with the desire to cling to what has passed, or what may never be, and embrace what is now.'

Your warrior & yogi will dance!

Are you new to Budokon? May you join in? 

Of course, you may join!

See you in Seiza!

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