Arm Balance Skills Lab

Arm Balance Skills Lab

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OHANA, Bäckerbreitergang 14, 20355 Hamburg, Germany


Our Advanced Balance Skills Lab, is designed for those who are already familiar with arm balance basics like for example, Crow or Headstand, and if you already have been shifting into Pincha or Handstand, then this is your program! Having a strong base or knowledge on these will lead us into working some more of their basics and diving into the transitional world of shifting from one to another, and we might even find a funky variation on the way. With this program, you will build more strength, gain self-confidence, and work with the foundational arm balancing skills. 

Each class starts with a Vinyasa-style warm-up to get the body prepped, which will lead you into a specific arm balance or transition. TIn order to advance in your physical yoga practice, it takes focused training in specific areas of strength, flexibility, and balance. This program gives you the benefits of longer holds, higher repetitions, and more challenging moves that are fun, but also push you.  

Remember learning these movements, the building of strength and awareness takes time patience, and commitment.  

What does the Arm Balances Skills Lab include: 

- Techniques, alignment, and usage of props 

- Workbook with special daily drills, meditation & journaling (for own use)

- 1x free class pass, to one of our BUDOKON Hamburg Classes 

 What will you gain? 

- Build strength and stability 

- Increase your flexibility and mobility 

- Develop new skills while increasing body awareness 

- Physical & Emotional balance  

- New balance & transition additions to your own practice

Max 9  participants

What you will invest in your body & soul: €40 

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